gerilja gardening project(s)

LOCATION: Helsinki
DATE: end of July 2013
NOTES: i know that summer is not the best season for planting seeds but i got this very strong kick start from a wonderful artist Shulea Cheang, whom i met about a week ago at Maaland workshop (hosted by Pixelache). so why not to try it out. she is arrangeing these Seeds Underground Parties all ower the world, where people have an opportunity to exchanged seeds. after the sprouts are planted you have to point out their location on a virtual map.
SEEDS: pumpkin seeds and mung beans

(France) pumpkin seeds what i got from Shulea
day 1
day 3
DAY 5: i'm exited. i found this perfect urban garden near by my office in Suvilahti where i could plant the mung beans sprouts. although the pumpkin seeds need some extra couple of days to start.

day 5
mung bean sprouts are looking happy, healthy and ready to be planted

now...lets wait and see...

DAY 8: the pumpkin seeds made it!

one looks little crippled but what can you do, i'll try to give extra love to it

i hope that at least one of us at the office remembers to water them 

DAY 13: only one of the pumpkins desided to grow

i wonder what the hell was in that soil that it made it grow super fast


LINKS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dhdAgLPMUQ - video where Ron says that plants change the people

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