ARTEL 2016 Artist Residency @ TIFA Working Studios, Pune, India

Artel 2016 is in the finish line, and Green Root Lab gave birth to Project Bearth. If you want to be part of it, please come and visit our exhibition at TIFA Working Studios, where you can see our series of installations and the works of nine other artists as well.

(Kinetic installation, mixed media)
Maharashtra is the state having the highest number of farmer suicides due to growing debts and crop failure, which is caused by the exploitation of land in chemical farming.
“Breathing” gives voice to the living quality of earth; a fact that is neglected in present day practices.

(Installation, recycled materials, plants)
As cities are expanding and urbanization, industrialization take place, we reach a point when there is a severe alienation from our natural surroundings. 
Through the installation a personal attachment is sought to be established with the detached natural space and reality.

(Installation, mixed media)
Lifeforms is an experimental work connecting art and biology, framing them as constantly changing overlapping realities.

Community Seed Bank 
(Installation, mixed media – community project)
Farmers and gardening enthusiasts were invited to collaborate and set up a community seed bank in Pune. The organic materials and seeds of various plants highlight the importance of natural farming and attempt to offer a sustainable solution for present day’s ecological and social hardships. The community seed bank is later managed by a local agricultural organization and serves as a platform for seed exchange.

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